a la carte
I find it hard to consider photography as art, because it is so often used as a technology of persuasion. By this I mean it is used to seduce the viewer, into a purchase (advertising), an author’s point of view ...
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Mustard and Meat
I have been watching the Netflix series Rasa, Rasoi aur Kahaniyan, which translates to Kings, Kitchens and their Stories. The series is about the astoundingly varied cuisines of India. The filmmakers weave a beautiful tapestry out of India’s regional histories ...
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The Artist's Eye-Hand-Heart
A few weeks ago we took Printha to Vermont, a Birthday in Brattleboro excursion. The premier event was a Domino toppling extravaganza at the local museum (BMAC). When Printha was younger she and Bruce used to build domino constructions just ...
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Smooth and Rough and Smooth
The Big Island’s people are a great collection of ethnicities: Polynesian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Thai. Having lived in the multicultural Northeast for almost thirty years, we felt comfortable in the mix, readily absorbing new-to-us flavors. Locals were ...
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E ku'u aloha
The Wedding The Engagement ...
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Blue Hawai'i
No doubt the first thing you notice in the video is how blue everything is, with only flashes of yellow and white. Where are the brilliant colors of captive tropical fish? Some distortion can be blamed on phone camera optics, ...
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The Big Island
Of course we did explore Hawai’i in a visitor’s way, too, getting to know all of its landscapes, along with many other attractions. But before you even ask, we did not dance the hula, or watch anyone else do so; ...
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OMG!           April 7 2019 Pamela C••••••••, is this you? Such a wonderful surprise to hear from you, on MUSE. Your comment was really touching, thanks ... My favorite (and persistent) memory of our girlhood and friendship is of the time we ...
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8th grade graduation           APRIL 27 2019 Look what I found! I just had to send it to you. I recognize you, me, Donna K., Janet S., Joyce H., Paula K., Philip T., Richard A., Marianne Polom, Nancy Fitzgerald .... Is ...
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