Hypotheosis III
Neuroscience news – Researchers in Norway, England, and the U.S. have established by several experiments that at least some abstract knowledge is represented in the brain spatially. The essential idea is that many kinds of cognition – perceptions, experiences, and ...
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Searching, Searching, Searching,
It happened again. Out of the blue, I heard from a friend who had been gone from my life for decades. Pam and I lived in the same neighborhood from the third grade through high school, and had been friends ...
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Isolations of Space and Time Issue #7 - Isolations of Space and Time Geologic time is rather impossible to appreciate. We live with a sense of time measured by a unique metronome, the human heart–one second for each beat. We ...
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Hypotheosis II
One distinct and prominent feature of human language (and so human thought) is that of recursion - which is simply understood as a nesting of ideas, one within another. Recursion is expressed in language by subordinate clauses, which can be ...
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I wonder about everything, and search for patterns and relationships restlessly. Here are a few ideas I am curious about ... GEOLOGY Do Earth’s magnetic reversals correlate with Ice Ages or other climate changes in the geological record? Do Ice ...
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I was rigorously trained as a scientist years ago, and I am a divergent thinker. So I like to ponder, wonder, and hypothesize about all nature of things, but I am exacting in my process. People - including reporters, writers, ...
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When I was in Iceland with my husband we stayed mostly in the west and north. Bruce and I met few others as we traveled the island, taking in the small and the grand, the elegant and the banal, the ...
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