Hypotheosis II
One distinct and prominent feature of human language (and so human thought) is that of recursion - which is simply understood as a nesting of ideas, one within another. Recursion is expressed in language by subordinate clauses, which can be ...
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I wonder about everything, and search for patterns and relationships restlessly. Here are a few ideas I am curious about ... GEOLOGY Do Earth’s magnetic reversals correlate with Ice Ages or other climate changes in the geological record? Do Ice ...
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I was rigorously trained as a scientist years ago, and I am a divergent thinker. So I like to ponder, wonder, and hypothesize about all nature of things, but I am exacting in my process. People - including reporters, writers, ...
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When I was in Iceland with my husband we stayed mostly in the west and north. Bruce and I met few others as we traveled the island, taking in the small and the grand, the elegant and the banal, the ...
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