Pliny's Villa
Playwrights give some direction regarding settings, accessories, and the placement and movement of people, but most of the visual nature of a play is left unsaid. Interpretation, and then realization of the physical aspects of a production are left to ...
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Color Studies I
These color studies were first exhibited at City Wide Open Studios in New Haven CT, 2002. netting, art papers on cardboard, 4"x4" netting, art papers on cardboard, 4"x4" netting, art papers on cardboard, 4"x4" ...
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Color Studies II
This color study sketchbook was first exhibited at Willoughby Wallace Library, Stony Creek CT, 2003 sketchbook with art papers, 6"x 9" ...
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Springfield Visioning
HOLLYWOOD DISTRICT Springfield, Massachusetts The city of Springfield requested urban re-design proposals for the Hollywood district of the South End. The neighborhood is home to established businesses and families of Italian descent and new immigrants from Puerto Rico. The urban ...
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Circus Acanthus Untitled Pliny's Villa ...
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On the Road
Grand Tetons Kansas ...
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Warsaw Village Band
2004, digital collage Artist Statement. This graphic design was imagined as a CD cover for Warsaw Village Band’s album peoples’ spring (2003). It is a visual interpretation of the musical structure of one song titled []. I used digital scans ...
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To The Strangers I Have Drawn On A Train Perhaps you will find my portraiture an encroachment, a violation of privacy, and perhaps you even think it unflattering in its realism. To the first I say yes, because portrayal of ...
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