Food for Thought
I have been watching - bingeing - Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight on Netflix. Chef Jamie Oliver and childhood friend Jimmy Doherty star in a cooking show that features simple and delicious main dish recipes, to make on weekends, for ...
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Creative Work
With all of the work this past year launching MUSE, establishing writing as a daily practice AND getting all of my backlogged ideas and products out in the world, I haven’t spent as much time making art as I used ...
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January is also the month of Bruce’s birthday. Here is the card I made for him. Emotional labor, right? ...
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Desert Landscapes Issue #6 - In The Field see also MIRROR PARK - Design for Change Issue #11 - Collage Bay City Issue #5 - Community ...
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Girl is Mother to the Woman Issue #1 - Love and Language see also Eve Issue #7 - Isolations of Space and Time Gloves Issue #8 - Body of Work ...
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Happy Birthday Issue #11 - Collage see also Springfield Visioning Issue #11 - Collage Faraway so Close  Issue # 2 - Family ...
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Pliny's Villa
Playwrights give some direction regarding settings, accessories, and the placement and movement of people, but most of the visual nature of a play is left unsaid. Interpretation, and then realization of the physical aspects of a production are left to ...
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Color Studies I
These color studies were first exhibited at City Wide Open Studios in New Haven CT, 2002. netting, art papers on cardboard, 4"x4" netting, art papers on cardboard, 4"x4" netting, art papers on cardboard, 4"x4" ...
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Color Studies II
This color study sketchbook was first exhibited at Willoughby Wallace Library, Stony Creek CT, 2003 sketchbook with art papers, 6"x 9" ...
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