Theory and Practice
Funk It Up Issue #5 - Community The field of landscape architecture covers design at many scales: residential, park, campus and city, and region also, especially if you consider planning as design. (I do.) One focus of mine is community ...
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Parterre de Temps Issue #9 - Heart, Head and Hands This proposal is for a staging of Kurt Jooss’ 1932 dramatic dance The Green Table, as a partitioning not of the surface of the Earth, but rather of space through ...
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MIRROR PARK - Design for Change
Challenge: the re-design of an existing/neglected/underused neighborhood park, in Eugene OR. This proposal is for a phased assessment/design/build process, to address landscape flexibility. Panarchy describes change as a feedback loop - a cycle of exploitation, conservation, release and reorganization, within ...
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Public Space in the New American City
Here is a recreation of my prize-winning submission for the design competition Public Space in the New American City, held in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. The original entry for site C comprised a site model and boards, which no longer ...
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How to Riff When Cooking
I like to cook. I have favorite recipes that we make again and again. But I also like to make up new ones, especially when I discover other cuisines. Here’s how I mix and match. Pick two or three countries ...
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The Dress Bjork Should Have Worn
The Dress Bjork Should Have WornMixed Media Assemblage:  wood, string, buttons, lamp shades, spandex. 12" x 12" x 36" was first exhibited May 2001 as an entry to the 7th Leonardo Challenge  sponsored by the Eli Whitney Museum, New Haven ...
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GlovesMixed Media Assemblage:  Paper, wood golf tees, ribbon, gloves. 12" x 12" x 3" was first exhibited May 2002 as an entry to the 8th Leonardo Challenge  sponsored by the Eli Whitney Museum, New Haven CT "Leonardo's Cradle" The Ideal: ...
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Eld Street Revives!
Or Does It? In the spring of 2005 I had just returned from a year at the University of Oregon, and I was relieved to be home. My studies in landscape and urban design, especially a semester spent designing for ...
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Bad Neighbor
This is my story. It is a tragedy in the classical sense. It is creative, a product of my imagination. But as you absorb yourself, dear reader, remember one thing: Truth is stranger than fiction. And yet another: Fiction is ...
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