Color Studies
Color Studies: 15" x 36", handmade papers. 2002. First exhibited with "Transparency", January 2003 at Willoughby Wallace Library, Stony Creek CT ...
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My birthday is at the end of March, and this year we celebrated with Keith and Emilia, two of the four friends most dear to me. (Printha and Addie the other two, my god-grandchildren who stopped by too, with hugs ...
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Girl is Mother to the Woman Issue #1 - Love and Language see also Eve Issue #7 - Isolations of Space and Time Gloves Issue #8 - Body of Work ...
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Color Studies I
These color studies were first exhibited at City Wide Open Studios in New Haven CT, 2002. netting, art papers on cardboard, 4"x4" netting, art papers on cardboard, 4"x4" netting, art papers on cardboard, 4"x4" ...
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Color Studies II
This color study sketchbook was first exhibited at Willoughby Wallace Library, Stony Creek CT, 2003 sketchbook with art papers, 6"x 9" ...
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COMMUNICATING LANDSCAPE DESIGN INTENT TO THE NON-EXPERT: SMALL EXPERIMENTS USING COLLAGE ABSTRACT Landscape design media comprise those graphic and spatial models used to generate imagined landscapes and to represent finished designs. But many of these traditional devices are insufficient for ...
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Parterre de Temps
This proposal is for a staging of Kurt Jooss’ 1932 dramatic dance The Green Table, as a partitioning not of the surface of the Earth, but rather of space through time. This is a modern interpretation of the 17th century ...
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Funk It Up
The field of landscape architecture covers design at many scales: residential, park, campus and city, and region also, especially if you consider planning as design. (I do.) One focus of mine is community design, an aspect of urban design. My ...
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