All the News that Isn't
News outlets - feeds, papers, and broadcasts - are constantly touting the latest medical breakthroughs, and it’s hard to know what to listen to, what and whose advice to take, especially given all the past bad - harmful! - recommendations ...
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What I Do (& Don't)
DIET I eat very little sugar (including alcohol), (and no artificial sweeteners) to prevent insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome, obesity, and to promote good gut bacteria I have celiac disease, so I have eliminated gluten from my diet. But I DO NOT ...
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Life without Plastic
The Bigger Picture Health concerns extend to a wider frame than just our bodies, to include social milieus and the environment, at many different scales. Over the years Bruce and I have adopted many practices and routines to protect the ...
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Emotional Labor
A while ago a friend sent me a link to a forum of women discussing and sharing thoughts about emotional labor. I clicked and within a few seconds of scanning the table of contents I almost lost it. My heart ...
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Matt, I have been lurking on OT for several years, and lately following you daily. I appreciate so many of your contributions, they spark a lot of reflection and dialogue. Right now I have many ideas and responses piling up ...
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Isolations of Space and Time Issue #7 - Isolations of Space and Time Geologic time is rather impossible to appreciate. We live with a sense of time measured by a unique metronome, the human heart–one second for each beat. We ...
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Parterre de Temps Issue #9 - Heart, Head and Hands This proposal is for a staging of Kurt Jooss’ 1932 dramatic dance The Green Table, as a partitioning not of the surface of the Earth, but rather of space through ...
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More Essays
Kin Issue # 2 - Family When I was in Iceland with my husband we stayed mostly in the west and north. Bruce and I met few others as we traveled the island, taking in the small and the grand, ...
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The Architect INTJ-A is the Myers-Briggs (MBTI™) personality classification that comes up consistently for me, as a result of online questionnaires. The Introvert/INtuitive/Thinking/Judgement - Assertive classification resonates the most with my self understanding and identification, but I find myself in ...
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