The Genius of a Place
Bruce has been lamenting something for quite a long while - the loss of the local. He remembers vividly the differences encountered town to town, as a boy in Denora, Pennsylvania; Holden, West Virginia; and Mayfield, Ohio. The stories of ...
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Visitors to my back yard ...
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Stanley's Yard
The design of our back yard is never done. There is always a new idea or an improvement to make, but still, many features are old. The Norway maples at the edges have likely been there sixty years or more, ...
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After Barragán
“Without the desire for God, our planet would be a sorry wasteland of ugliness.” LUIS BARRAGÁN Architect of Light and Silence Luís Barragán, 20th century Mexican architect, landscape architect, and urban designer was unknown internationally until featured in a 1976 ...
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Family Final 4
I have a really good friend - a lifelong friend, if I start counting from my twenties - and I can say this even though we had almost no contact for over thirty years. Because Katie is family. I know ...
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Love Letter
Bruce and I don’t have children. It was a decision we made for ourselves, by default when we were young, and consciously, deliberately when we were older and up against the hard deadline of biology. We don’t question our choice; ...
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Nature Girl Lassoes the World
Nature Girl Lassoes The WorldCollage: mixed papers, cardstock, 8" x 10" Printha’s birthday card 2017 ...
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This is the name I wish were mine: Isabel Betancourt          It was my grandmother’s name, and it represents all that was lost to me as a child, and what I have recovered, am recovering.  What I ...
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