I’ll start with leaving, because in the moment, any moment, there is only perception and response. Reflection happens after, at the end. So I only know what Hawai’i means to me now that I am home. But I want you ...
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The Rewrite
I feel I need to warn you, this is a sad story, with no good ending, really no ending at all. I am in limbo. Many months ago a friend of mine died. And I have been heartbroken since, about ...
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All the News that Isn't
News outlets - feeds, papers, and broadcasts - are constantly touting the latest medical breakthroughs, and it’s hard to know what to listen to, what and whose advice to take, especially given all the past bad - harmful! - recommendations ...
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Life without Plastic
The Bigger Picture Health concerns extend to a wider frame than just our bodies, to include social milieus and the environment, at many different scales. Over the years Bruce and I have adopted many practices and routines to protect the ...
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Matt, I have been lurking on OT for several years, and lately following you daily. I appreciate so many of your contributions, they spark a lot of reflection and dialogue. Right now I have many ideas and responses piling up ...
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Isolations of Space and Time Issue #7 - Isolations of Space and Time Geologic time is rather impossible to appreciate. We live with a sense of time measured by a unique metronome, the human heart–one second for each beat. We ...
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More Essays
Kin Issue # 2 - Family When I was in Iceland with my husband we stayed mostly in the west and north. Bruce and I met few others as we traveled the island, taking in the small and the grand, ...
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The Play's The Thing
The epitome of storytelling genres is The Theater, where words, objects, persons, art, and music are fashioned into a sense-engulfing parade-display-embodiment of narrative, sign, symbol, and meaning. I find it always a delicious treat. At its most exalted theater is ...
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Neurotypicality and Ethics
Empathy and morality It was with great interest that I read an article in the New York Review of Books, Psychologists Take Power (February 24, 2016), which discussed morality and empathy in psychological terms. As a high-functioning visual autistic I ...
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