Happy Birthday Issue #11 - Collage see also Springfield Visioning Issue #11 - Collage Faraway so Close  Issue # 2 - Family ...
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Pliny's Villa
Playwrights give some direction regarding settings, accessories, and the placement and movement of people, but most of the visual nature of a play is left unsaid. Interpretation, and then realization of the physical aspects of a production are left to ...
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Curiouser and Curiouser
I am like Christopher (the main character in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) in these ways: I like puzzles. I am always looking for things to do that have (or can have) a puzzle to solve ...
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Here I cite the main references for my design work previously presented in MUSE, to give credit where credit is due. Mirror Park - Design for Change Eugene, Oregon Panarchy - I adapted and applied the basic ideas of Panarchy ...
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To The Strangers I Have Drawn On A Train Perhaps you will find my portraiture an encroachment, a violation of privacy, and perhaps you even think it unflattering in its realism. To the first I say yes, because portrayal of ...
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In The Field
I. I am asleep in the desert. I am dreaming this world and yet another. In which I am impossibly tall, resolutely female. My vision extends to the horizon. I see with an effortless, steady, dimensionless knowing. It is January ...
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Bay City
This is the presentation I made to residents and officials of Bay City, Oregon officials, in response to their request for a re-design of a vacant lot in the middle of the town. Proposal for Bay City Town Square and ...
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In The Field  (audio version)
On "the Easy Chair" hosted by Laura Hurwitz; Episode 140 This week: “In the Field." Returning guest author Deborah Zervas reads three vignettes about time spent in remote places. Her experience of the wild's simultaneous profound connectivity and separation inform ...
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This is the name I wish were mine: Isabel Betancourt          It was my grandmother’s name, and it represents all that was lost to me as a child, and what I have recovered, am recovering.  What I ...
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