8th grade graduation           APRIL 27 2019

Look what I found! I just had to send it to you.

I recognize you, me, Donna K., Janet S., Joyce H., Paula K., Philip T., Richard A., Marianne Polom, Nancy Fitzgerald ….
Is that Teri somebody in the front row?

LOL at the styles! SO retro
Who else do you see?

Have FUN!

Re: 8th grade graduation           APRIL 27 2019

OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE THIS! Don’t remember all but remember a lot!    Bruce Joss, Teri Zubak, Don Lulich, Frank Filipkowski, Dan Piazza, Richard James( had a crush on him.), Bob Sowers, Matt Walenburg. Judy Heimbuch (Mom was bus driver Miss Amanda), Linda Mancilla, Jeanette McDonald. Karen Capriotti( no relation), Ron Skubitz, Ed Hureau, Judy Gabor. Dan Williamson( another crush), Vicki Janowiak( died in her sleep about a year ago), Gerardo Gonzalez(Jerry), Christine Chism( died after 8th grade graduation, liver, kidney problems), Brian Quarcini, Michelle Martin, Tony Satalic, Steve Hatfield. Jackie Farren, Ramona Lindsey, Bob Cann( was sitting behind me on school bus on a field trip and he kept on reaching over the seat to put his hand down my blouse! Got busted by Mr Zachary.), Carl Biehler( he and Christine Chism were step bro and sis),Ruth?(Father was a pastor), Janet Blakey, Ricky Hoover(bad boy), Diane Lockman. Russel Bosich, Laverne Dozier, Bob Maxwell, Suellen Bult, Bob Lee( married Celeste Glowacki from our Bloom class and has a band), Jean Smallwood, Randy Salisbury (YUCK!!! locked me in his bedroom but,THANKFULLY, let me go!!!!), Nina Zlamal, Marilyn Douglas, Lance Trompeter, Pete Callahan, Kimberly?, Leslie Larkin, Dan
Fronzak, Bob Tomeczski. Will be writing soon! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!💞💞💞 And that hair-do of mine… I look like I should be tied to railroad tracks yelling- SAVE ME, SAVE ME!!!


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