dribs and drabs           MAY 7 2019

Finally, Hello !  I have caught my breath after the big push to get MUSE out, yea! It’s always another week to catch up on errands chores etc., and we had all the preparations for the Cinco de Mayo party Sunday on top. My house is a mess. But now I am taking the rest of the morning to write to you, leisurely, while the sun shines in the garden. This will be a long letter – I may have to break it into two!

WOW, I had NO idea what was going on in your house …  it sounds just awful. Even now I feel like I want to rush in and cry with you over it – I’m sorry I couldn’t be there then. How helpless we were. I’m angry for you too. I’m sure that’s because I am unforgiving towards my parents, so I relate to your ongoing discomfort and irritation. Omg you are a saint to still be a dutiful daughter in light of what they made you suffer.

Of course as adults we can recognize the pain our parents must have been in, and the bad parenting they no doubt received, and maybe this is where your generosity towards yours comes from. My parents just never stopped. The mistreatment of me (and my brother Rick) continued into my forties and I just had to finally say No to them. It wasn’t as hard as you may think, and the amazing thing is my life got better when I did. From that point on I began to say no to every person and everything that attacked or undermined or ridiculed or manipulated or hurt me. It has been a long journey, but now I can see assholes coming a mile away – I know every tell (poker word!), and so I easily avoid, deter –ignore – them. Just Say No, is my motto. (thank you Nancy R.) to all the bad friends bosses neighbors and any other jerks who cross my path.

My house and life were orderly growing up – you were right about that – and all the structure conferred some advantages down the road. But the order was due to my mother’s severe and twisted control issues and it carried a cost. So much bad with the (little) good. Underneath the facade of suburban perfection were the deep emotional chaos and psychological dysfunctions of my parents and they visited it all upon us kids. Screaming and yelling too, at 319 Patricia Drive. A lot of it. The worst that I remember is my mother being competitive with me – how sick is that? I was never allowed to be pretty, or to have nice things (until I could buy them for myself). The color pink was forbidden, as was long hair. Her favorite trick was to “tease” me, and make me the butt of every joke and snide remark, in front of my brothers, and especially in front of my friends. Trying to take my friends from me and make them hers. It was such an obvious pattern and technique that I was really really frightened for her to meet Bruce, afraid she would enjoin him in it – and he was all I had. She came to visit us (the first time, in Lexington Ky) and I had to prepare him, inoculate him so he wouldn’t fall for her envious bitter ploys, to catch her hatefulness in the act. I told him to watch out for jokes made at my expense and invitations for him to agree – and asked him to please not engage. Sure enough, in the car, right when she got there, I mean two seconds in, she started. And God bless him, he said nothing. The best awkward silence ever: her nastiness just hung there in the air, apparent and ugly. I felt vindicated and so grateful for Bruce. That was the beginning of the long process of me learning to stick up for myself. But omg the pain I carried for so many years. All I ever felt was lonely and anxious and trapped and lost. So so hard to grow up without love.

But we – you and I – made it to better places. We have stability and love and friendship and work we love (like?). I count my blessings, just as you do. I’m glad to hear your siblings are all well, and that you’ve stayed close. My brother Rick died in March of 2001, and we were not really in touch at the time. I’m not sure what happened to this day. I was told he was found in his car, having had a seizure of some sort, because he did-or-didn’t take his medication. But I think there’s more to the story. He struggled with drugs (cocaine addiction), and was the most maltreated of the three of us. He married a girl from Sauk Village, and had a son Mike, but they divorced, and Mikey just fell out of the picture – another sad sad family legacy. Rick suffered a lot, and I don’t think he ever healed from the family abuse. His death was/is painful for me – another case where I wish I could have done more, understood more, helped more. I don’t talk with my brother Michael, either. Our relationship mirrored that of mine and my mother’s so I had to let it go too. The last I knew he and his wife and kids were in Arizona, living the good life. He made a bundle with his own advertising firm.

Btw, where are you living? Are you still in Chicago Heights? I just assumed so since you have kept in touch with so many old friends and your folks. But maybe you moved? Boy, accountancy is about the most financially stable profession you could have chosen in a spouse – a far cry from failed bookie businessman! LOL. Bob must be such a rock, a good provider and a loving partner. Lucky you! I’ve always thought I could have been an accountant in another life. I liked math from forever and problem-solving too, and even now I do the house finances, and investing, and taxes. And I’ll be in charge of all that if the bakery/catering business ever happens. I may need Bob’s services and advice! Bruce will draw on his years as a restaurant cook to run his kitchen (high school and college jobs). He was always a good cook, within his specialties – breakfast! and some dinners – but I cooked for us most of our life together (with his help) until I just got sick of it. Now he is cooking more, and learning to bake. His predilection for precision will be put to another good use.  I bet he and Phil have that trait in common?

I am in awe of your memory regarding all the faces and names in the graduation photo, and the others you mentioned here. All those names are familiar once I read them but I’m getting no mental pics – old age? But here are some questions and remarks that your memories provoke … Did Keith O. ever date Reva? Or was that another Keith? And Marianne P., omg a book about motherhood sounds just like something she would do …. boring ….. She was always a little too butter-won’t-melt-in-my-mouth perfect, wasn’t she? (Maybe she just grew up in a well-adjusted family, lol.) But so sad to her about Vicki J. And Kathy S. – the name really jumps out at me, but was she from Brookwood or high school? Was she in our class or ahead? And was Reva friendly when you saw her? Or a little nose in the air-ish? I have to say when I heard from her it felt a little like she was reporting (bragging?) trying to impress me with her wonderful life. It made me feel not a bit close to her, and not at all like I wanted to keep in touch.

We are excited about Hawaii, but I am dreading flying. I just hate being cooped up in an airplane, and don’t get me started about airplane bathrooms. We broke the trip down into three flights each way to give me some breaks. Even so we should have a wonderful time once there. I’m sure it will be worth it! Will we hula? I don’t know, but I promise video if we do! I’m still trying to understand that we have been together for 44 years (married 40). What did we do with the time? I guess I’m still looking forward, focusing on the next adventure(s). 

To answer your question, we did have a nice wedding: a traditional church (not Catholic!) wedding, and a fun festive celebration afterwards with food, live music, dancing, and alcohol, and so many of our friends. About 100 guests, including parents’ must-have invitees. But it wasn’t traditional for the South (Kentucky) – most people there have a a church ceremony + reception in the church basement with cake and punch. For years afterwards Bruce’s parents were told repeatedly, by many people: “That was the best wedding I ever went to” (Hear that in a Kentucky accent, lol!) A good memory!

The photo-collage is almost done – Bruce will be adding a picture of him and me dressed up like our favorite Mexican artists. It will go into the next MUSE issue, but you will get your preview first. Hang on!

Ok, I have to stop now, and make something to eat. I’m not sure what’s left unsaid, but when I remember I will send PART II.
It was GREAT to hear from you, write again soon!
I miss you!


Re: dribs and drabs           MAY 12 2019

WOW! Everything you say you’re going to do… YOU DO!!! Good for you Deb! Live that life that is intended for you!!!

I, also, am so sorry for everything YOU endured in your life too. I think if you and I ever got the chance to meet up, we could cry BUCKETS of tears. Some sad ones and many happy ones! How great it would have been for all of us to have been there for each other because many of us were going through the same things basically. If only we knew then what we know now… many lessons learned the hard way. Saying NO, for me, was hard, for a long time but eventually it became easier and easier and it made my life much better. DAMN IT!!! WE WERE JUST KIDS!!! IT JUST WASN’T FAIR! Yet now, I DO count my blessings EVERYDAY!!! And while I would have loved interaction with my mom without yelling… competitiveness would NOT have been it. I can’t even imagine what you do with that! I am so thankful you ended up a STRONG woman through it all!!!

A little info on how I found you. I’m not savvy with the Internet or even e-mail! I NEVER e-mail!!! Well, THAT’S in the past thanks to you!!! Lol! I didn’t see you on FB but your nephew came up with a pic of your mom. Since I didn’t see your dad I thought maybe he could have passed and there would be an obit for him and I could see if you were married and your name. Well, I was NOT prepared to see your precious brother Rick’s obit. Shock and sadness came over me, especially being way too young. I really liked Rick. I remember him being a good kid. I am so sorry for your loss Deb and the hurt and pain you’ve gone through about Rick. I didn’t want to bring it up to you until YOU were ready to tell me, if you even chose to. I was also sorry to see your father’s obit too. I hope you understand that I was doing all this to locate YOU, not to be “snoopy”. I saw Bruce’s last name but still couldn’t find you. Then, I googled your maiden name (duh!) and there was MUSE- and your name possibly? Hurried to it and read Cuento, saw your Gram’s name, which I recognized in your dad’s obit as your moms maiden name and I knew it was you. I cracked the case! I found her! Now… does she want me to find her? Do I dare find out? Maybe I should let her be. I was so anxious, sad, happy, giddy… well you know what my decision ended up being and you couldn’t have been more receptive!

We lived in Chicago heights from ‘91-2003. We live in a town in Indiana now which is east of Dyer about a half hour from the heights. It’s a growing community and we are content here. Many from the Heights are moving out this way. You’re right about Bob and his precision.  He’s also very handy around the house. Can fix pretty much everything himself. His dad made him and his brothers work right along side him with every project! Bob had a great childhood and a good family. His dad was a stern, strict man but Bob always speaks fondly of him. Bob’s  mom was a FANTASTIC woman and a sweetheart. She was a very good cook AND baker too! Bob was VERY close to her and I admired their relationship.

I think that was a different Keith that Reva dated but not sure. I think Kathy S. did go to jr high with us but was a year older. She definitely was at Bloom. The rumor was that she stuffed her bra with toilet paper? Can’t confirm that one though!!! LOL!!! I want to say she lived by Paula K? I half expected Marianne P. to walk into the reunion with her Mary Jane shoes (remember those) on for sure! SHE had a VERY domineering mother! I think Marianne just went along with it though. Everything was perfect, perfect perfect!

As for Reva, I don’t remember her being braggy or snobby. I couldn’t talk to her for long because I had customers. I do remember her giving us bags of peanut butter m•m’s that she was promoting.

I’m with you on the flying bit! I do not like it but will do it if I have to. That’s great that you can break it up like that.

I’m waiting patiently for the pics. I’m so lucky! So wonderful of Bruce to do this. THANK YOU BRUCE!!! Oh, and I want you to know…. as much as I LOVE hearing from you, you write at your leisure and when the mood hits you. I know you’re busy with all the fun things you like to do. I will ALWAYS wait patiently to hear from you! No pressure. My response from part 2 will come soon…

Re:Re: dribs and drabs           May 10 2019


So, a few things I remember … first about the Tannenbaums. I always loved their house and yard – so big and overflowing with children and stuff and activity, and the garden so wild and full. They were fun! and creative I think in retrospect. I was always wide-eyed with wonder when I visited – such a rich environment.  Mrs. T. and my mother were Girl Scout leaders and we had our Brownie meetings at her house. Of course my mother always complained about them, I especially remember her disdain for Mr. T.’s solution to losing a tooth – he put an eraser in its place! And she characterized Mrs. T. as an airhead (to use a more contemporary term). I think she didn’t respect either of them at all. Maybe it was chaos over there? but as a kid I was entranced. I don’t recall your home being chaotic either, maybe I never noticed because it didn’t bother me, the artist-to-be. I have to say I really don’t remember much of your parents, as people, or much of any of my friends’ parents. Looking back from this long distance most of the women – your mom, Mrs. T., Mrs. K., Reva’s mom – all seem faded, background figures. Janet S’s mother stands out, but not in a good way – I remember not liking her.
I do remember Donna’s father kindly.

Did you know we lived on the corner across from the Tannenbaum’s? Next to Reva, before we moved to 319 Patricia Drive. I just had to look up the neighborhood on Google maps with all this reminiscing, and the satellite view shows a lot of change – is the Tannenbaum’s house now a business? And I couldn’t see Donna’s parents’ house at all. Wasn’t it two doors down from the T’s, on Holbrook? The brick pile is gone, do you remember that lot at the bottom of Judith? The street view of 319 shows a rather shabby house now. The whole subdivision looks down-at-the-heels … Holbrook on the whole looks much better. I looked for your house but can’t remember which it is – on a corner, no? Peoria and 195th across from the park? I got sick once on the merry-go-round there. I do remember the overpass to St. Kiernan’s … my friend Kathy N. and I once picked a zillion dandelions and stuck them through the wire mesh to spell out HI! for all the traffic underneath. And we stood there and waved, while trucks honked.
She was a lot of fun – did you know her? But they had to move. My mother told me years later that Kathy’s family had to move because father was alleged to have been ‘inappropriate with children’ !!??!?!

Other memories – Joyce H. went off the deep end, while we were in our early twenties. She started dating a man from the wrong side of the tracks – and you know her family went beserk at the idea – and then just got involved with drugs (minor) and counter culture, for lack of a better phrase. I guess her family disowned her (or she them). Neither she or the boyfriend worked, they were always broke/poor and she went begging to my mother in Flossmoor once or twice. But my mother said no, and I never did hear what became of her.

My family had a VW Bug, and once Kathy N. and I made a pot from modeling clay and stuck it to the roof of the car. We filled it with wildflowers and made my father drive us around, while we shrieked about ” the cabbage on the car’ … !!??! Tween or teen, I’m not sure, but wacky either way.

I seem to have a lot more childhood than high school memories …. so glad you are filling me in!

I was happy to hear you all are a dog family! Bruce and I had dogs for most of our life together – Punkin, Boog (Jesse), Cookie, and Pepita who we brought home from Puerto Rico one winter.  But not any for a good ten years now, it just became too too painful when they passed.  We think about getting another or two – Bruce is more ready than me – and then we realize we have traveling to do and moves to make, so we put it off.

Good news! Bruce made a proposal to the senior partners at his firm, to transition to consultant status. They are agreed in principle, details to be determined. Yea! He will be able to make his own schedule, focus on the parts of the profession he still loves (mentoring, making an idea a building, specs) and give up what he does not like at all (endless in-house meetings, office politick-ing LOL).
This means we are mobile, because he can work remotely. As can I. So we may buy a vacation home in New Hampshire next year, and spend half our time there. Just 4 or so hours away, which keeps us close to our ‘adopted children’ Keith and Emilia (Emilia’s dad has a house nearby in Maine, BONUS), and also to our god-grandchildren Printha and Adeline, who are now just about old enough to come and stay with us on their own.  Although Printha turns twelve this summer and she is already becoming a mystery. ! The last time I saw her she was chattering about I do not know what. I said, “Who are you, and what have you done with Printha? Come back when you’re 18.” I told her mother, Britt, ” You’re on your own through adolescence.” I was kidding, but omg …We have a few years left with Adi, who is just 9.  (You will have photos of all my people and dogs too, soon.)

Ok, my dear, this is all that floated up after I wrote last. I’ll save anymore for next time, after I hear from you.
All the best to your boys!



Re:Re:Re: dribs and drabs           MAY 12 2019

Lol!!! Okay… I’m laughing about the Tannenbaum house and how we perceived it. Now, know that I have very weak artistic genes, if any at all. To me it screamed HAUNTED, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, Adams Family, The Munsters, and HOARDERS!!! IT CREEPED ME OUT! To be fair it was more Mr.T than Mrs. T. When he passed the Mrs. got rid of everything! Mrs T was a very kind sweet person and air head is a good description because one could NOT have their “ducks in a row” picking Mr T for a spouse!!! He was a KOOK!!! Nice man but an absolute KOOK!!! Kind of like uncle Fester from the Adams family. Your story of the eraser stunt proves that point!!! Lolololololol! Does not surprise me a bit! I’m surprised your mother didn’t rent out a hall for the meetings to avoid going to the T’s house! Having said that though they were very easy, chill people and Meg and her brother Rick were friendly, good kids. So SOMETHING was working in that house. Now you’re making me reflect on the potential, possibilities and short sightedness of that house! Lol! There were 2 older sisters too. Meg’s house is not a business but the house behind her is/was. Auto repair shop.

I think I payed more attention to moms/families because I compared them to mine and every family seemed so much better than mine. You’re right about Janet S mom. She was a SNOB! Very strict with Janet and her older sis, Patty, was the golden child.

I did not know you lived by Reva. So, it brings up some questions. When did you come to Chicago Hts? When did your fam move from the Patricia house? Did you ever attend St Kieran school or religious ed? Or were you even catholic? My parents put me in St K for 2nd grade. I HATED IT! They had mostly nuns teaching and I had the MEANEST one! I faked being sick and I cried all the time. THAT was another one of my memories that affected me and not in a good way. Amazingly, my mom was on top of THAT situation and put my brother and I back at Brookwood. We continued with our religious Ed classes and made our sacraments. We went to R. E. classes and then church every Sunday… my mom and dad stayed at home. So messed up! Didn’t go to church much after I graduated grade school and my parents no longer forced me. At the time it wasn’t important to me. Didn’t make sense to me. Confused. It seemed like it was all a fairy tale, not real. It wasn’t until I met Bob (Catholic) and my neighbor (ex-Catholic, Christian) that my faith was ignited. Only took about 40 years! So, I don’t want to bore you with the details but I am Catholic and a believer. I don’t believe I was born to have a religion (Catholic) but born to know and love Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. OMG! THERE! I said it! You don’t know how I’m contemplating deleting this whole paragraph!  But no, I wanted to get this out of the way. I know you’re not a believer but I also know you are not judgy and I read in one of your writings that you were glad believing was there for those who feel they need it! Or am I making that up in my imagination? It’s one of the BEST things that have happened in my life so I can’t deny it. Catholic wise- I don’t agree with everything but it is important to Bob and it works for us. We belong to a WONDERFUL, FUN, MORE PROGRESSIVE HAPPY CLAPPY CATHOLIC CHURCH. I also attend my friends non-denomination church when time permits. I had to laugh to myself when you were telling me about your wonderful church wedding being (not Catholic!) Believe me, I understand!!!

Back to the neighborhood… Donna lived right next door to Meg. Btw, Donna was not allowed to eat at Megs house either! Lol! Her parents didn’t trust that the eating utensils would be clean enough! True story! I do remember Kathy N. but can’t place her face. That was a lot of dandelions you needed to make your hi sign. I also remember the brick pile. We used to go there and dig up old bottles. Eventually a very nice home was built there. Do you remember the blind paperboy/man Gene T. that delivered newspapers every morning with his wagon?

What the heck with J. H.?! I’m SURE her parents disowned her! They were pretty snobby too! I tried getting ahold of her for that reunion but no response. Do you remember having a sleep over at Paula’s house? Her mom was sleeping in her bed and she brought us all in there to wake her up. I don’t know if she was on meds, drinking or both but Paula dragged her out of bed in her night gown. She sang and danced and performed for us ALL NIGHT!!! She was a hoot! We laughed all night long!!!

We only became a dog family 2 1/2 years ago. I always loved animals and brought home any stray I could find. Phil decided he wanted a dog. I hear you about the loss of your precious animals. I’m already stressing about the day that Arya dies! Crazy me! Yes, a lot of responsibility. Can’t just pick up and leave.

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Re:Re:Re: dribs and drabs           MAY 12 2019

I accidentally sent my letter! I wasn’t finished! Almost, but not quite!

Great news about Bruce and the possibilities of your future  with your adventures. You both have worked so hard so CONGRATULATIONS!!! And to be able to work on what you want wherever you are- that’s wonderful!

These children you talk about sound so interesting. I’m glad you have them in your lives AND they have you! The name Printha- do you know where that name comes from or anything about the name? I love it!!! And yes, you will see sooo many changes with these children as they are growing older! Never a dull moment for you.
Can’t wait to see them in the pictures.

Oh, and my house was the second house from the corner.

A funny (?) story. Do you remember DAVE F. from Brookwood/ Bloom? In grade school he was super quiet and super shy. In high school it was rumored he became a drug dealer! He dated a girl named CARLY GEORGE. Nice, sweet girl at Bloom, our age too. Well at some time before graduation DAVE F. allegedly gave her bad drugs or too many and she died of an overdose. He wasn’t charged with anything. Don’t know how that situation all went down. Flash  forward to Bloom 25 year class reunion- Bob and I went with Donna K and Mike. Donna and I were talking to DAVE F..In my mind, with a few drinks in me, I’m thinking his name is GEORGE. I kept on calling him GEORGE! ALOT! Finally, I called him GEORGE one more time and he yelled at me… THE NAME’S DAVE!!! And he walked away! I looked at Donna and asked her what his problem was? She said – you called him GEORGE about 10 times, his name is DAVE! I’m like- why was I calling him GEORGE?! Donna says- because you’re thinking of his dead over-dosed girlfriend Carly GEORGE!!! THAT WAS A FOREHEAD SLAPPER!!! Ya, just leave it to me, I’ll fix everything! Lol!

Alrighty! I think I’ve covered everything for now! Til next time you two!!!

💞💞 💞
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Re:Re:Re:Re: dribs and drabs           MAY 14 2019

My dearest Pam,

I am writing back quickly, so as to put your mind at ease, because I just know you will fret and worry about alienating me by sharing your faith. Because of course our re-connection is new, and so maybe a little less secure. But please be reassured, your spiritual life would never put distance between us.

You may think that because I (we) am (are) living in the Northeast among the Coastal Elites that we suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and are in favor of unisex bathrooms, and transgender sex education, hijabs at the beach and socialized medicine …. Ummm NO!  I would position myself in the center politically and culturally – but anymore my (our) views seem to align with ‘conservative’ politics. I am always out-of-sorts with the goings on here in New Haven, what with all the crazy Yale students and progressive posturing. Most upsetting to me is the demonization of the middle of the country, as ignorant, backwards, deplorable etc. Because I grew up there (and lived in Kentucky with Bruce for many years), and know the goodness and strength and humility of its people. I have written about this more than once, for MUSE. I am comfortable in the kind of community Midwestern-ers make – careful and kind and respectful – which is anchored and fostered, fundamentally, by faith.

Beyond that, we are closer than you might think spiritually. For one thing, I do believe Jesus Christ walked this Earth, and everything I know that he preached and said and believed about how to live, and especially How to Treat Others resonates. Who could be at odds with his teachings? I just do not feel the personal connection you do, rather a philosophical (and spiritual ) one. I am not a church-y kind of girl either … no doubt due to my Catholic experiences. Your St. Kiernan’s journey is exactly mine! My mother pulled me out of our second grade class too and sent me to Brookwood. And I made my first communion and did the catechism for confirmation, and then that was it! I told my mother it just didn’t make any sense to me, and I wasn’t going to church anymore, and she said OK.

My spirit is most charged and alive and aware in nature. This is when I feel connected to the immense infinitely bigger-than-me universe, it a part of me as I am a part of it. Bound to all living (and non-living!) things, and to the Greater Force, with awe and love and gratitude for life and the marvelous wonderful inexplicable world. I think other people have an experience like this in community, which is to say, church. You and I share this knowledge/understanding/awareness at the least, and differ only in our devotional expressions. For me, everything I make – art, essay, story, garden, friendship, community – is a prayer, an offering, an homage to the great Creative Force. The one true thing that stayed with me from the Catholic church: that life is a precious gift, not to be wasted, but rather shared and augmented and reveled in.

So, just as you have room for Bob’s Catholic framework of these most important truths, I have room – acres! – for yours.

I have to tell before I sign off, you had us IN STITCHES with your Tannenbaum memories, and then again with the David F./Carly G. story (not that she died, of course – so sad, – but the reunion encounter). We were ROTF, LOL – really I was laughing like a 12-year-old, Bruce was doubled over. You are a breath of fresh air! You sound like so much FUN, I can just imagine you at Backyard BBQ’s, and Coffee with the Girls, laughing and happy and sharing. Your joyous and generous spirit comes through so strongly. I wouldn’t want one thing about you to change. Please be free to be you with me!

Last bit – Bob’s last name sounds so much like a Polish surname – Is Bob Polish? OMG, if we both ended up with Polish men. Bruce is handy around the house too – really he can fix/make/invent ANYTHING. Man with a Toolbox + 10, am I right?

I have more to say in response to your last letter, and more questions, so I’ll come back to this later in the week. I imagine we will write furiously for a while until we are caught up, and then taper off to a more sober and sedate pace.
But probably not any time soon!


Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: dribs and drabs           MAY 14 2019

Thank you, my friend, for your quick response. I needed that. How do you do that?! Your words so carefully and thoughtfully chosen?! I guess that’s why you do what you do! Your words are a gift and so are you!


Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: dribs and drabs           MAY 18 2019

Guess who! Just wanted to finish up a little more on this e mail.

I LOVED what you said about Jesus and his teachings and that your spirit comes alive in nature and your creative works. It’s true, I was a little apprehensive about bringing up faith AND politics. I knew you would be great with anything I said to you but a small part of me DID worry about it and yes, because of our new re-connection. But, again, you put my mind at ease.

So… talk about TDS… Bob took me to the first Trump rally being held at the University of Chicago (who in the world picked THAT location?) Stood in line for 4 hrs. Met a lot of nice people and a beautiful day. There were a handful of protesters, peaceful, banging on a drum across the street. We’re thinking… oh THAT’S not bad, we’ll be fine. We were then allowed to go in, where we sat for 3 more hours until Trumps arrival. Again, talked to many wonderful people, the place was packed, we had signs that they were passing out. At 7:00 a guy came on stage and announced due to security reasons they were cancelling the rally!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?! We’ve been here for 7 HOURS!!!!! I want to see THE DONALD, MY DONALD!!! All of a sudden people took off their shirts which exposed their “Bernie”shirts underneath!!! People ran on the floor and started yelling and fighting all over the place! Bob grabbed me and said- let’s go! I’m thinking to myself- didn’t I go through this once before?! It was like the Bloom riots all over again but on a much bigger scale. We rush out the doors and that handful of protesters, that I mentioned, turned into THOUSANDS!!! Streets were blocked by people, ambulances can’t get through, people screaming and spitting in the policemen’s faces, fights, helicopters flying overhead. Yep, pretty darn scary!!! We made it safely to our car but saw many cars being damaged. UGH! And then, yes, eventually we would find out we were deplorable, smelly Walmart shoppers!!! Lol! We enjoy listening to people’s opinions. Maybe we don’t always agree but RESPECT the right to have an opinion. Violence is something I despise!!! I don’t get that… AT ALL!!! MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!!! Haven’t they ever heard of this?!

So, were there two classes at St K for 2nd grade because I don’t remember you in class. I had the VERY MEAN SISTER LUANNE. A few teachers from Brookwood… Mrs Nielsen, her sister was the principal, Mrs Hampton, Mrs Paycik, Mr Jehling, Mr Early, Mrs Eleffson, coach Sudar. Any of them jog your memory?

Bob is Slovak but he said it’s close enough! Lol! And  you’re right about the tool box. He has spares of everything!

Okay, going on to your latest letter



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