My birthday is at the end of March, and this year we celebrated with Keith and Emilia, two of the four friends most dear to me. (Printha and Addie the other two, my god-grandchildren who stopped by too, with hugs and chatter.) Bruce made a Buckwheat Pancake and Mimosa Brunch, they brought flowers and a Crown and lovely card. I have waited forty years for friends like them – we are all so matched and complemented in interests and outlook and intelligences it matters not a bit that they are thirty + years younger. No matter the occasion or time of get-together, we are in it for the long haul every time we see them; the talking just does not stop. (Christmas Eve we were up until 4a.m. (to include midnight mass), and only ending because Emilia’s (seventy-year-old!) mother Viv started drifting in her chair.) My birthday Sunday fun-day was no different – Emilia stayed for seven hours beyond the meal. The looping conversations relentlessly articulate our theme, our motto, our purpose:
Art is Salvation; we must fabricate our lives of/with CREATIVITY and ART.
This time discussions of Faulkner (and everything else under the sun) led, as always, to a proliferation of ideas.

So here’s some of what we will do, just because we can.
Just because we must …

» Go to Hawaii together, for Jaimie and Max’s wedding (Kauai!)
» Travel and explore endlessly, visit endlessly
» Make Art That Means Something
» Make Architecture That Matters
» Buy (summer?) homes near each other, in New Hampshire or Maine
» Have a Block Party, with children’s theater, live music, and grills

» Have a SUMMER CAMP for grown-ups

  • design charretting
  • bluegrass hootenany
  • You-Build-It workshop w Bruce
  • Gardening Workshop w Deb
  • GF Cooking for a Crowd
  • plein air landscape collage
  • Book Club read
  • Any other activity you want to bring/share/teach!

» Just for FUN!

  • The Frieda Kahlo party, on Cinco de Mayo
  • unibrows + Frieda duds, or Rivera costume
  • Bruce will smoke a pork shoulder in the Mexican tradition
  • jalapeño poppers
  • guacamole
  • Deb’s verde rice ring
  • Keith’s potent potable creations
  • a fire in the firepit
  • recreations of Frieda’s masterpieces
  • all of their wildly interesting friends
  • laughter, stories, talk, laughter, talk, more talk


  • Let Them Eat (Johnny Red) Corn Cake party on Bastille Day
  • Ridiculously Big Hair (with Eiffel Tower and Statute of Liberty accents) interwoven with straw overalls
  • Cats’ eye opera glasses
  • heels
  • corndogs
  • Bruce’s French smoked bacon
  • peanut butter pie with chocolate and bacon
  • watermelon, cut with a guillotine
  • hot crisp pickled okra
  • French Cafe
  • ummm bourbon and beer
  • A reading of A Tale of Two Cities
  • friends, acquaintances, laughter, debate, talk, and laughter

Beyond all that –
We will know and love their children as our own. As we do them.

my birthday cards

  • DZ 2019 B-Day card-1
  • DZ 2019 B-Day card-2
  • DZ 2019 B-Day card-3
  • DZ 2019 B-Day card-4


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