Learning Styles

Learning Styles

I was never comfortable in school, though I was a good student and loved learning.

Here are the characteristics of four primary thinking styles, charted by Kathleen A. Butler, Ph.D.1 The determinants are 1) concrete (real) or abstract (virtual) and 2) random (network) or sequential (linear) These traits combine for four different styles:
Concrete Random, Concrete Sequential, Abstract Random, Abstract Sequential.Most people are strong in one style, but share aspects of other styles.

Me, mostly

MUSE is where I share my real and imaginative products …

Someone close to me. We overlap in concrete space

Other people I love. We overlap in random space

Most teachers (not most students). Most scientists

Where are you?


  1. Butler, Kathleen A., LEARNING AND TEACHING STYLE: IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. Columbia, CT: The Learner’s Dimension. *Chart interpreted from the original research of Anthony F. Gregorc, Ph.D
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