Inside, Outside & Between

Inside, Outside & Between

‘Inside, Outside & Between’
City Gallery, New Haven CT
November, 2003

Artist Statement:
“My current work explores the ways in which the self interacts with and mediates the world. I am most interested in the idea of integument – surface, boundary, layer, skin – what we put between ourselves and the outside. All new work is mixed media sculpture (mannequins buttons spools matches netting lace thread photographs paper pins tees lint and found items). Other works on paper variously combine printmaking, sewing, and collage.”

Exhibited Works:

1Janet Van HorneBarbies’s kitchenmixed media
2Deborah ZervasGirl is Mother to the Womanmixed media
3Janet Van HorneShopping bagsmixed media
4Janet Van HorneSue’s trip to NYCcollage
5Deborah ZervasEvemixed media
6Margaret SawyerMemory Iphotograph
7Margaret SawyerMemory IIphotograph
8Margaret SawyerMemory IIIphotograph
9Margaret SawyerMemory IVphotograph
10Deborah ZervasGlovesmixed media
11Janet Van Horneuntitledmixed media
12Deborah Zervasuntitled bustmixed media
13Janet Van HorneThe Ladiescollage
14Bianca KayThe Faces of Womanhoodmixed media
15Deborah ZervasPointe d’ espritmixed media
16Deborah ZervasIdeal patientmixed media
17Janet Van HorneOut to lunchmixed media


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