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Gloves1 was first exhibited May 2002 as an entry to the 8th Leonardo Challenge  sponsored by the Eli Whitney Museum, New Haven CT

“Leonardo’s Cradle”
The Ideal: The Sphere
Leonardo wrestled with philosophy. He studied the ancient Greeks who illustrated ideas with mathematics. Like Plato, he envisioned pure forms,a simple and perfect geometry beyond the surface of the imperfect world. Of theses forms, the sphere was quintessential: the absolute atom, the pure planet.

The Real: The Cradle
Leonardo reveled in invention…the creations of the human hand that manipulate, manage, magnify and mirror nature. Nature usurped classical geometry as the ruler of Leonardo’s mind. And yet Leonardo connected invention to nature as simply and precisely as the concave of the tee embraces the curve of the sphere.

The Challenge
Does the tee exist only for the sphere? Leonardo proposes that it is an invented relationship and so it is possible to improvise infinite new relationships. Create new relationships for the sphere, the tee or both. Find new connections, new forms and new meanings.[Eli Whitney Museum]


  1. Mixed Media Assemblage:  Paper, wood golf tees, ribbon, gloves. 12″ x 12″ x 3″
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