Chapter & Verse

Chapter & Verse

Poster by Carolyn Stockage


About Chapter & Verse

I started Chapter & Verse in January of 2016 because some writer friends and I were looking for a venue to share our work, but couldn’t find one that struck the right balance between inclusivity and seriousness of purpose. Since then, Koffee? has hosted over 18 installments of our program, and many people have expressed their gratitude for what it has become.

Rather than an open-mic, Chapter & Verse is a curated series of public readings by local writers, both established and developing. Submissions are solicited, on a theme, and writers are notified if they have been selected to read. Careful attention is given to each submission, and constructive non-judgmental feedback is offered freely to each writer. If a piece is not selected for that month’s reading, we encourage the writer to continue working and submit again.

Besides giving a diverse array of local writers an opportunity to have their voices heard, Chapter & Verse has also become an informal, but tightly-knit, community of writers who enjoy coming together each month to see what their peers have been working on, learn from each other, and make new friends.

We are open to any genre of work, including poetry, short fiction, excerpts from longer works, memoir, essays, even scientific papers. Submissions should take no more than 10 minutes to read (roughly 4 typed pages). Recordings of songs or spoken word performances may also be submitted as audio/video files. Send all writing in a Word document or as a Google Doc with the commenting function enabled. Please do not send your work in the body of an email.

Send submissions to Encourage others who are not on this list to submit!

Silas Mullins

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