I have had moments of self-recognition prompted by the sharing of someone else’s experience, just like Katherine May, the author of The Electricity of Every Living Thing. While hers came as she listened to an interview on the radio, mine ...
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Hypotheosis II
One distinct and prominent feature of human language (and so human thought) is that of recursion - which is simply understood as a nesting of ideas, one within another. Recursion is expressed in language by subordinate clauses, which can be ...
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Circus Acanthus Untitled Pliny's Villa ...
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On the Road
Grand Tetons Kansas ...
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I wonder about everything, and search for patterns and relationships restlessly. Here are a few ideas I am curious about ... GEOLOGY Do Earth’s magnetic reversals correlate with Ice Ages or other climate changes in the geological record? Do Ice ...
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Public Space in the New American City
Here is a recreation of my prize-winning submission for the design competition Public Space in the New American City, held in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. The original entry for site C comprised a site model and boards, which no longer ...
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DIALECTABLE Just for fun, here's a British English accent/dialect gradient I noticed, by watching British crime dramas …. Shetland - Shetland Islands George Gently - Northumberland Happy Valley - Yorkshire Life on Mars - Manchester Hinterland - Wales Inspector Morse ...
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The Architect INTJ-A is the Myers-Briggs (MBTI™) personality classification that comes up consistently for me, as a result of online questionnaires. The Introvert/INtuitive/Thinking/Judgement - Assertive classification resonates the most with my self understanding and identification, but I find myself in ...
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To The Strangers I Have Drawn On A Train Perhaps you will find my portraiture an encroachment, a violation of privacy, and perhaps you even think it unflattering in its realism. To the first I say yes, because portrayal of ...
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