Curricular development is one example of the systems thinking INTJ’s excel at and like to do. Here are three of my course sequences in Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture, intended for upperclass undergraduates, graduate students and amateur/hobbyists. LANDSCAPE DESIGN [for ...
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Warsaw Village Band
2004, digital collage Artist Statement. This graphic design was imagined as a CD cover for Warsaw Village Band’s album peoples’ spring (2003). It is a visual interpretation of the musical structure of one song titled []. I used digital scans ...
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Pointe d'esprit
Pointe d'espritMixed media assemblage: styrofoam, cloth cap, plastic netting, matches. 6" x 6" x 12" was first exhibited at the 5th Annual City Wide Open Studios - Pirelli Building, New Haven CT, October, 2002 Artist Statement ...
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Eld Street Revives!
Or Does It? In the spring of 2005 I had just returned from a year at the University of Oregon, and I was relieved to be home. My studies in landscape and urban design, especially a semester spent designing for ...
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Bay City
This is the presentation I made to residents and officials of Bay City, Oregon officials, in response to their request for a re-design of a vacant lot in the middle of the town. Proposal for Bay City Town Square and ...
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Home for the Aged
Where do you want to live when you are old? The Eden Alternative is a philosophy of eldercare that emphasizes interaction among older people and the natural and human worlds in order to relieve the kind of suffering that especially ...
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Before and After
 Before, we were itinerant, unattached to things or places or people, and so our habitats were makeshift, improvised, borrowed accommodations.  We exchanged them rather easily as circumstances changed. Our place on Eld Street began that way.  Although a single family ...
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Stanley's Yard
The design of our back yard is never done. There is always a new idea or an improvement to make, but still, many features are old. The Norway maples at the edges have likely been there sixty years or more, ...
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